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Our core values lie in the efforts to offer the market high quality projects and bring the best benefits to the community.details

World of Construction offers not only well-paid jobs but also a favorable and dynamic working environment where you can embark your long term career path on.
We are experienced in different kinds of projects including but not limited to Workshop Construction, Workshop Design, Pre-engineered Buildings and other industrial projects.
We create an informative platform where our experts are willing to share their expertise in industrial construction, pre-engineered buildings that could be useful for your upcoming projects.


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Pre-engineered steel structures

A leading company experienced in providing solutions for pre-engineered buildings in the south of Vietnam


Solution consultancy

Optimum solutions for industrial construction projects for local and international clients from England, France, Japan, U.S.A

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Workshop design

A professional team of qualified engineers with various experience in implementing pre-engineered building projects for their clients inside and outside Vietnam


steel structure

A professional company specialized in design and build of pre-engineered buildings.
In full compliance with ISO standards

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Workshop construction

Workshop construction is implemented, supervised and managed by experienced experts.

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Thiết Kế – Sản Xuất – Lắp Dựng – Nhà Tiền Chế.
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ISO 9001 – 2015

We are currently applying the ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management system. Each of our project is managed and supervised by our management team with various experience and technical knowhow gain overseas.

Professional and experienced experts

We are proud to possess a strong technical team of experienced and qualified engineers. Most of them are trained and developed overseas in the construction and pre-engineered building segment.

State-of-the-art steel structure factory.

We have built our own steel structure factory uniquely used for fabrication of standard steel trusses that meet any specification required by our clients.

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